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So i just watched “bigger faster stronger” the documentary about steroid usage in the US. It made me realise how ignorant i really was to it all, i grew up watching wrestling and seeing guys like The Rock, Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin and all i wanted to do was become a wrestler and i thought that hard work saying your prayers and taking your vitamins would get you there, apparently not.

Another 2 childhood heros of mine were Rocky Balboa and Arnold Schwarzenegger. I believed that the smaller guy could win because Rocky did, hes even the reason i took up boxing to find out that he took steroids before the latest Rocky movie crushed me and to find out that Arnold had always been taking them really left me disillusioned with the people i thought i could look up to and idolise. I must have watched every Rocky movie a hundred times and i even tried to drink raw eggs before i went to training. I tried pretty much everything i saw in that movie and i still use some today. When i heard initially about the steroid use i didnt believe it or rather i choose not to believe it but dissapointingly the proof was there. 

Thankfully in the sport of boxing today there are athletes like Floyd Mayweather who demands everybody he fights to take an olympic drug test. He became a 42-0 champion through hard work and dedication which became a motto for the money team, Hes cocky and brash but hes a clean fighter and he respects the sports he proves that a clean athlete can overcome a sport that is more than likely over run with steroids. Even Manny Pacquiao refuses to take a drug test which isnt very surprising considering hes moved up so many weight classes so quickly. Any clean fighter would just take the test and get on with the fight.

Seeing how big steroid usage actually is in every sport has left me disillusioned as i said before especially considering my chosen college course is Sport and Recreation and i was hoping to train athletes in the future. I do know two things for sure though any athlete i catch using steroids i will kick out of my club and report to whatever authority there is. Any body competing at any level should be clean its a matter of sportsmanship.

Well thats my rant over i just had to get it out there and no better place then a blog where nobody will read it.

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